Sunday, September 15, 2013

Merry Christmas 2012

My pregnancies are usually pretty difficult. I struggle each day with feeling sick and it lasts until 19-20 weeks every time. Each day seems to last forever and I mark them off on a calendar as one more day that I have survived. So when Mike asked how my holidays had gone I truthfully answered that they too were just one more day for me to get through. Wrapping presents were a chore and so, I left many of them unwrapped.

We set things up and went to bed early, as if it were a normal day of the week. I feel terrible that I didn't have the energy to do anything special.
 We did get our baby Jesus out and we read the story of "the true meaning of Christmas."
The next morning the girls opened their gifts and they enjoyed playing with them. I gave Tsadakah the precious American Girl stuff that I have been preserving for all these years. There were outfits and furniture and a lot of accessories. I had also found the car for American Girl dolls. Lara (my sister, Leah's daughter) had gotten one for her birthday and so Tsadakah had been wanting the stuff. She had also asked Santa for a Barbie that cooks because she wants to be a chef when she grows up.

Eliannah wanted little princesses again. So Santa brought her a Mermaid set, a littlest pet shop "fairy" (which looked more like an alien to me.) and a Fur Real Cat. We gave her a lot of Barbie accessories to go with it.

MiKaylah LOVES dogs and Cats. So we got her a Fur Real Puppy. She also got a lot of clothes. Most kids don't want clothes for their gifts but she is very particular about her clothing and what she will and will not wear. She doesn't just want a dress every day, she wants THE dress every day. So she got a lot of skirts that match her specified style. She likes the real ruffle-layered tutu type of skirts. I also got one that was really lacy and gorgeous!

I happened to not be able to sleep on Black Friday so I got up at 4 an went out to the sales. I got great great deals and I was really happy about it. I got a Cricket door buster and a Blu-ray player and a wii for all under $250. The part that was funniest to me was that I had no intention of going before I went to bed on Thanksgiving night. The cricket was of course for me and I didn't wrap it. In fact I didn't even feel like opening the box for months after Christmas. But the wii and all the games I bought to go with it were a great surprise for Michael and he didn't suspect a thing. He knew that I had gotten him something and we teased each other about it for all of December, but he didn't know what it was.

He got me a vacuum that you can strap to your back and has an extra long extension chord. Don't get offended for me, its what I asked for. lol. I was so excited about it I got it out and used it that day. I was able to vacuum one whole floor and then up the stairs and into the living room without once having to unplug and move to another outlet. Isn't that awesome!?!?!

Lina, Mike's sister, called us that morning to wish us a Meerry Christmas. It was so nice! She told me all about her Christmas and asked about ours. I really appreciated that. It was nice to talk to her.